Desmo Girl

XJR 1300 Racer

New XJR 1300 Racer. La Yamaha aveva da tempo questo modello in catalogo e dopo averla data a molti customizer per reinterpretarla , vedere questo risultato per il mercato mi pare un'occasione mancata .


Pin Up on Cafe racer

Another bike shot for all you lovely people!! Amelie Belle on Jake Todd's cool as Cafe racer for Delicious Dolls Magazine

Valtoron BMW RnineT

Vi avevo tatto vedere qualche scatto mente era ancora in officina ma adesso i fratelli Valtoron hanno completato il loro lavoro sulla nuova BMW RnineT ed ora è pronta per il salone di Colonia e per poi partecipare all' AMD http://www.amdchampionship.com/worldchamps.

Finally, the NINE T by Valtoron is finished. So, it may travelling to Cologne to participate in the #Caferacer category in the #AMD.


The transformations we have built order to participate in #Caferacer category, following the “Valtoron Process”, have been monocoque bodywork and front fender in casting aluminum, a handlebar, footrests and radiator cover.

Photos by Gonzalo Arroyo.


NURB's Project

After more than a year of work, Fred Krugger yesterday unveiled its NURB's Project. 
Single bike of its kind, we have chosen to unveil our Special Friday. 
On this bike, Fred did not touch the engine, or the machine electronics (ABS, traction control DTC, ESA II electronic suspension, Duolever ...). However, everything else has been changed from the chassis to the wheels, to the materials used. 
The engine is a six-cylinder engine, the same unit that equips the BMW K 1600 

Fred Krugger will participate next week in the World Championship of Custom Bike with his NURB's project! In your opinion, what are its chances of success? 

If you want to see all the processing phases of this project can go on his facebook account, where Krugger has shared with the world the thousands of details necessary to complete this special

photo by BMW Motorrad France , Thierry Dricot 

BMW RnineT by Gannet Design

Interessante questo progetto grafico di Gannet Design sulla base della BMW RnineT, unisce elementi stilistici di design con le carenatura laterali a forma di rete ma allo stesso tempo unisce la funzionalità , il grande cupolino garantisce protezione , quindi un moto non solo bella ma anche fruibile.

Double Coffee

Guzzi Cafe Racer by Radicalguzzi  


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